Drudge Headlines Re-interpreted

Islamist Plot to Kill UK May Thwarted

British Leader almost latest victim of the Religion of Piece(s)


US to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, will move embassy there

Muslim’s angry – threaten violence – no one surprised


Wave of criticism over violence in STEELERS-BENGALS game

Wave of surprise as it’s discovered some people still watch the NFL


SoCal Inferno Rages

People shocked and surprised by Fire in State with desert climate and little water


Conyers: The End

Which end?


Spielberg’s Trump Rebuke, Starring Streep

Spielberg new film entitled “Preaching to the Choir.”


Jack Ma Tells American Companies to Stop Whining about China

Chinese Billionaire envies the Right of Americans to Free Speech


USA Faces Nightmare Flu Season

99.99999999999999999% of American’s expected to survive the yearly “Sky is Falling” Flupocalypse


Mueller Follows Money?

To own Bank Account?


Honduras ballots to be checked as election crisis simmers

South American nation fails at Democracy..again..World yawns


FLASHBACK: Media Elites Secretly Celebrate Lauer as “Cock of 30 Rock.”

TREMORS: Whole Planet literally Shakes as Real Men (and Women) Laugh out Loud


Pollution wipes out benefits of exercise, study says

Couch potatoes rejoice – and fart really loud – over findings of new scientific study


Thanks for reading The Drudge Report – “Where every story is a Big Story – even when it’s not. We just create over-the-top hyperbolic headlines that make you think it is”..signed, Chicken Little.

**Originally Posted on 5 Dec 2017**

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