Life’s Greatest Mystery

There are many unsolved mysteries in the World, but none greater than the one I am about to describe to you. This is actually two mysteries, the Second being an inarguable by-product of the First:

1) Why is it that when you prepay for gas with cash in advance (you can file that statement with the Bureau of Redundancies Department), they set the pump to Autoflow at least 40 cents short of what you paid. For instance, today I paid $10 in advance, but at the $9.57 mark the pump radically slowed down, almost to a drip, making the last .43 cents take longer to pump than the first $9.57. WTF!? Why can’t they set it to Autoflow with just a couple of cents left to go? We can send men to the moon but we can’t tighten up this process? Madness..

Men on the Moon 2.jpg



2) Why is it that on those rare occasions when you are prepaying with cash (because who carries cash anymore, right?) the weather is always shit – cold, windy, snowy or rainy – or some apocalyptic blend of the four.

Gas Station in the Rain

Life is cruel and unfair..


**Originally Posted on 11 Dec 2017**

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