North Korea and Kim Jong Un’s Future

Shame on everyone in the International Community for allowing North Korea to get where they are today. From Bush 1 to Clinton to Bush 2 and Obama. Appease. Sanction. Strategic Patience. Appease. Sanction. Strategic Patience.

North Korea is – and has been – a broken state since the end of hostilities in 1954. Enabled by the Chinese and ignored by the United Nations (save for sanctions that only harm the people, not the regime), they are now an imminent nuclear threat to the free nations of the Pacific, and very soon, the United States mainland itself.

How did this happen?

1) The Chinese – the world’s largest communist nation likes having another communist regime on their border. The last thing they want is Korean re-unification. If that were to happen they’d have an American style democracy right across the Yalu River where their own people could see and hear with their own eyes and ears, the way a free nation functions. Today, in China, there are words, phrases, videos etc..that are inaccessible on Social Media (Thanks Apple, Google, Facebook) There’s nothing the pseudo-communist Chinese fear more than their citizens rising up (again) to demand Freedom. They haven’t forgotten Tiananmen Square.

Tianenmen Square Photo 2

The more people see of Freedom, the more they want it.

2) The International Community – the world doesn’t have the stomach for the type of warfare required to end the Kim Jong Un regime. The recent wars in the Middle East, and the Vietnam War fifty years ago were small affairs compared to what a full-scale showdown with North Korea might look like. With Seoul situated just south of the DMZ there’s no doubt the North Korean’s would bombard the city with conventional weapons, costing tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of lives. That assumes they don’t just destroy the city with nuclear weapons. A conventional assault against North Korea would be even more costly. They are a poor nation, but what resources they do have are mostly reserved for their Armed Forces, which boasts 1.2 million active duty soldiers and a staggering 7.7 million trained reservists. A conventional war could easily cost up to a million deaths – or more.

Because the International Community has failed to act, there is really only one option remaining to eliminate the North Korean threat:


Despite all of his power I imagine Kim Jong Un goes to bed every night and sleeps with one eye open. He must understand that he is a one-man state and that everyone who serves him does so out of fear for their lives and the lives of their families – certainly not out of genuine loyalty.

I expect to wake up one morning in the very near future and read in the papers that he’s been assassinated – and find not one person on earth shedding a tear over his demise. Comically, I imagine the reaction of the North Korean people will be the same as the guards at the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West who celebrated after Dorothy killed her with a bucket full of water.

The Wicked Witch gets WhackedThe Guards say Thanks

Pure Joy.

If this sounds cold-hearted, take a look at this ( and this (…/north-korea-child-ch…/85217282/) before you shed any tears for Kim Jong Un.

The logistics of the likely assassination are murky. It could be anyone in his inner circle brave enough to risk it, knowing they will either be rewarded handsomely if they are successful, or tortured mercilessly if they fail. Maybe they’ll use a pistol, but more likely he’ll end up dead with a huge load of shit in his pants like his half-brother whose assassination he engineered a few years ago (…/38…/kim-jong-nam-signs-of-poisoning/).

I fully expect the US Government and the Chinese Government to coordinate the effort and have a very specific post-Kim plan in place immediately. This plan will not include re-unification. The Chinese will not allow it for the reason stated above. Rather, the US will agree to allow the Chinese to install a puppet government favorable to their own ideology – communism-lite – all the benefits of Capitalism without any of the messy Freedom that accompanies it. The US will agree to this plan because 1) It avoids a costly war (in Blood, and Treasure – the primary reason. 2) It gives President Trump a huge foreign policy win for slaying the North Korean Nuclear Dragon. Should anyone side with the late Kim Jong Un and complain that assassinating the leader of a sovereign nation is a massive violation of International protocol etc..etc..they will likely find themselves standing alone. The simple response of course is, “would you have killed Hitler to save the lives of millions and millions of innocent people?” 3) With a much less aggressive government installed in North Korea we could greatly reduce our military footprint on the DMZ, saving us hundreds of millions of dollars a year. A huge financial win for the President. 4) Kim Jong Un’s departure allows millions of people in the region to sleep more safely at night. 5) The people of North Korea, though still unfortunately under the thumb of a communist China-backed regime, should expect the new boss to be significantly less murderous than the old boss. 6) The explicit message sent to every rogue nation (Iran) on the planet.

If Kim Jong Un wants to continue enjoying the company of teenage sex slaves at his many lavish palaces (…/kim-jong-un-plucks-teen-sex-slaves…) well into his old age, it would behoove him to step far back from the brink – sooner rather than later. Otherwise, he’ll find himself on the losing end of one of President Trump’s tweets being described as:

Kim Long Gone

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