Why Illegal Immigration Sucks for America – Part 1

For reasons that are hard for meat and potatoes Americans to understand, there are people in the United States who openly advocate for – and support – illegal immigration. It is their opinion that anyone who is opposed to illegal immigration is a racist and a xenophobe.

End of story as far as they are concerned.

But not to my mind.

Just because an advocacy group screams louder than their opposition and calls their opponents names doesn’t make their position any more tenable.

My answer is simple: Why do supporters of illegal immigration hate Americans, and, more specifically, poor Americans?

Allow me to describe how both political parties are complicit in the destruction of the working classes (low and middle – black, white, asian, latino etc..)

The Republican Party has been carrying on for as long as I can remember (which is quite awhile) about “controlling the border, building a wall, enforcing e-Verify etc..etc..blah, blah, blah – and what have they actually done about it?



Because the Republican Party is the Party of Big Business (think Chamber of Commerce). As long as the Republican Party keeps the gate of illegal immigration wide open the donations will continue to flow.


They lie to their constituents election after election about “hardline immigration policies” while actually doing nothing about it.

“What?!” Politician’s lying? “Say it aint so, Joe?”

Smiling Politician

Because illegal immigrants (all 12 or 13 million of them) work “under the table” in many cases (if they’re not working with fake/stolen SS cards) it enhances the profits of the businesses that employ them. No payroll taxes, no Health Insurance costs, no Workers Compensation costs, and the illegal immigrants accepts a cash wage at considerably lower wages than an American would consider acceptable for the job. The combination of 0 benefit costs and below-market wages makes for a handsome profit for the employer.

Look no further than the construction industry, slaughterhouses, Big Agriculture, the restaurant industry etc…

Businesses that profit from this should be ashamed of themselves. What is the point of generating fists full of money if you are undermining the Rule of Law in a country (The United States of America) that you claim to love? Gross! Every individual complicit in this crime has no moral standing to complain about any other issues that trouble our Great Nation if they are actively working to subvert it.

It would warm my heart to see a dozen or so CEO’s and business owners (large and small) perp-walked into the courthouse and put on trial for knowingly employing illegal immigrants.

Executive Perp Walk

So if the Republican Party is in it for the money, why are the Democrats?




If you think it’s because they “care more”, you’re seriously mistaken – or naive.

The Democrat’s happily pass out “freebies” to every illegal immigrant. Food stamps. Check. Housing vouchers. Check. Medical services. Check.

And what do you think the Democrats get in return for their largesse? (paid for by hard-working American taxpayers).

Voter loyalty.

Every illegal immigrant arrives here from a failed nation with no high-functioning representative government and no history of civic high-mindedness and sacrifice for the greater good of their society, much less one that provides a wealth of “free services” just for being alive. They are quick to understand that the Democratic Party is the party of “Free Stuff.” Why wouldn’t they vote in their best interests!?

But illegal immigrants can’t vote, you say?

Now who’s being naive.

Motor Voter. Absentee ballots. Register to Vote via Obamacare.

Motor Voter Image

The Democratic Party likes to say the arc of history bends toward justice, but I’ve no doubts they’d prefer it bent toward Amnesty for all Illegals so they could deposit their votes into the Electoral College Pot o’ Gold at the end of the “Rainbow” for decades to come.

A pox on both their houses I say.

Tomorrow we’ll dig a little deeper into how illegal immigration negatively impacts those at the lowest rungs of the economic ladder.

**Originally Posted on 18 Dec 2017**

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