Why Illegal Immigration Sucks for America – Part 2


Illegal Jobs

1. Imagine you’re an employer and your company has 100 low-skilled employees. Now imagine there are only 105 people available to fill those positions. What would you do? Knowing the labor force available to you is thin, you’d pay them handsomely, provide them with generous benefits and tend to their concerns in a timely fashion because you know there are not that many people available to replace them.

2. Now, imagine you’re the same employer with 100 employees and there are 5000 people available to fill those positions. What would you do? You’d pay them as little as you could get away with, provide them with as few benefits, if any, that the law allows and not concern yourself too much with their concerns because they can easily be replaced.

Which scenario above describes the modern workplace for the low-skilled American worker?

Sadly, number 2.

Why is there so much competition for limited low-skilled jobs, and why do these jobs pay a wage that makes it possible to exist – but not to live?

Estimates from various Government agencies and private Think Tanks agree there are approximately 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

If you take that number (12 Million) and divide it by the number 48 (the continental United States. Sorry Alaska/Hawaii) you get 250,000. Now obviously there aren’t exactly this many illegal aliens in each of the 48 states, but you get the picture. After you open this linked article scroll down to the breakdown of illegal immigrants by state, then subtract those illegals from the total population of your state: that’s how many jobs would open up in your state if they weren’t here.


Now imagine if these 12 Million people returned to their native countries. What would happen to the jobs marketplace? Suddenly, those low-skilled legacy Americans, the ones whose mothers and fathers and grandparents and grandparents before them built this country, fought in its wars, paid its taxes and believed in its Ideals, would find themselves empowered. Employers would find themselves having to pay real living wages, not the peanuts they toss out now. As someone with many years of experience in the Logistics industry, I can tell you there are many places today paying the same $10.00 per hour rate they were paying in 2001 – 16 years ago! Prices have gone up, but living wages have not.


Illegal immigration.

America has been hemorrhaging manufacturing jobs since the 1980’s, but it didn’t really begin to take off in earnest until the 1990’s (think NAFTA and China). The American South was devastated by the loss of Textile jobs. The American Midwest lost the Steel industry and the Auto industry.

So how did our Government respond to this?

By turning a blind eye to illegal immigration and flinging open the doors of our country to low-skilled and no-skilled people from all over the globe to compete with us for what few jobs remained.

Why did they (and I mean both political parties) do this?

Republicans (Profit). Democrats (Votes).

Low-skilled white Americans? Low-skilled black Americans? Tough shit!

Here’s your Heroin


your McFuckingJob

Your McJob

and your “Free” Obamaphone.

Your Obamaphone

Good luck!

By now, we’re all too familiar with the unbelievable bloodshed occurring in Chicago within the Black community. It sickens my heart to read these stories because what these young men lack more than anything in the world – is hope – and a good job to give them the dignity and self-respect that comes from providing for yourself and your family. We’ve done a lot of imagining in this post, but let’s imagine a little more – suppose instead of guns in these men’s hands, we put a hammer, or a tape measure, or an ohmmeter or a roofing nail – suppose we taught them a trade so they could go to work every morning and build a life instead of taking one.

Why can’t we do this?

The answer is we can. The problem is the construction industry employs approximately 30% of all illegal immigrants (and half of all construction jobs in Texas). That amounts to about 3.6 Million illegal construction workers. As stated in yesterdays post:


these illegal workers accept lower pay and expect 0 benefits (which is exactly what they get) in order to enhance the profits of their employers. So if we were to train these unemployed men of Chicago (and other cities, of course) in the Skilled Trades, they would have a hard time, as it stands now, getting their feet in the door because no employer is going to pay them a solid, living wage if the employer has the option to underpay an illegal worker.

Why would they?

“Because it’s the right thing to do for your American brothers and sisters” is my answer.

Call me naïve.

To those who unbelievably support illegal immigration and wish to call those of us who don’t a whole laundry list of names, this is my answer to you:

“I don’t care what you say. I care more about my struggling American brothers and sisters. The ones grinding it out every day in shitty, low-paying jobs who are trying to raise a family on two meager incomes because the illegal immigrants you prefer over your own neighbors are depressing their wages. I have no ill will toward people of other nations, but I believe in the people of America First and I want them to have a better deal than what they have now.”

**Originally Posted on 19 Dec 2017**

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