Why President Trump?

I’ll be the first person to admit that President Trump is an un-artful communicator, to put it mildly – or a crass and insensitive human bulldozer, to put it less mildly.

So how did a man with so little verbal finesse and intellectual gravitas win an election to lead the greatest nation on Earth, ever?

President Trump wearing MAGA Hat


Because he’s not a politician. He’s not a man who, after huddling with a consortium of focus-group guru’s, offers a dishonest opinion based on which voting bloc will be offended the least.

President Trump is an equal-opportunity offender, and that’s what his supporters like about him.

Here’s an experiment for you: Watch the News tonight – it doesn’t matter which channel – and watch with a keen eye (and ear) as any high-ranking State level politician or National level politician is interviewed – it doesn’t matter what their party affiliation is – and listen to how they answer tough questions (not softballs). You’d think they were skilled pugilists the way they bob and weave around a question, then repeatedly counterpunch with the same talking points.

It really is a pathetic art to master – how to spend a thousand words and not utter one of value.


The Look of the Dead Fish: A Nick Alwaes Detective Novel by [Fountain, Jamie N]


Whether you agree with his policy ideas or not, you can’t deny his directness – and that’s why he resonates with blue-collar Americans. The working class of all races, colors, religions etc.. have been getting fed a steady diet of political bullshit and lies – from both parties – for the last fifty some-odd years.

They’re angry because the quality jobs they used to rely on to support their families and provide a decent middle-class income have disappeared (and magically re-appeared in Mexico, China, Sri Lanka, The Phillipines, Honduras, India etc..etc..So it’s okay if we’re the World’s employer, but not the World’s policeman?)

They’re angry because they’ve watched their culture sink to previously unthinkable new lows (The Kardashians, Filthy mainstream Rap, 24-hour softcore programming on a thousand channels – what happened to voluntary bans on adult-themed programming until after 9pm?)

They’re angry because the Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous (Washington D.C. Politics edition) haven’t had to adjust their diets to accommodate the new, poor Reality Show that many American’s are unhappily starring in. They’re still eating $100 steaks at tony D.C. eateries while much of America is still eating shit-sandwiches.

The people like President Trump because he says he’s going to improve their diet, and when a proven man-of-action says he’s going to do something, they believe him.

If what he says – and how he says it – offends people, tough shit. The only people who seem to be truly offended by his words and actions are the professional politicians. His support out here in the field hasn’t waned one iota.

And it will remain that way as long as he continues to do what he says.

Here’s an example:



The Ghost of Albert Henkelstam by [Fountain, Jamie N]


**Originally Posted on 14 Dec 2017**

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