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Apparently, the “men” of Hollywood, in an effort to show solidarity with their female counterparts in the Industry, will be wearing all-black to this years Golden Globe Awards.

How brave of them.

Where were these “men” when their female colleagues were being raped in hotel rooms (Harvey Weinstein), forced to watch men masturbate because the door was locked behind them (Louis C.K. Matt Lauer) or drugged and raped (Bill Cosby).

These are just a few examples. I’d cite more but I can only add 10,000 characters to this post.

They all know it goes on, but they don’t do anything about it because it might cost them their jobs.

If they’ll trade the dignity and self-respect of their peers for success – what have they gained?

Of course, Hollywood isn’t the only place where powerful men behave this way – look no further than Washington D.C. – or your nearest professional sports team.

If these “Men” in black had real courage, they’d wear placards around their necks with the names of all the executives, producers and movie moguls they personally know who either have – or still are – guilty of using their powerful positions to force women into sexual Quid Pro Quo’s – sex in exchange for work.

The only star I’ve read about who pushed back against one of these characters was Brad Pitt defending the honor of his then girlfriend – Gwyneth Paltrow. He allegedly poked a finger in Harvey Weinstein’s chest and stated (I’m paraphrasing here) “You better keep your hands to yourself motherfucker or I’ll beat your ass! Am I clear!” According to Ms. Paltrow there were no further issues between her and Mr. Weinstein.

I don’t run in “Powerful circles” with influential people. I don’t know any movers and shakers (unless you count my buddy who works for a moving company and my friend the bartender). You might say I have Friends in Low Places (thanks Garth) which is okay with me, because I’ll tell you this – every man I know, if he was told by his wife or girlfriend that some clown at her work was trying to pull shit like this would immediately get in his car, drive over to wherever that fucker is right now, and beat the shit out of the son-of-a-bitch with his bare hands until the message was crystal clear.

Forget about the courts.

A little street justice goes a long way to ending this sort of behavior.

I guarantee you it would be a lot more effective than wearing a black shirt with your black tuxedo.

Where are the real men of Hollywood – John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Humphrey Bogart – when you need ’em?

**Originally Posted on 28 Dec 2017**


John Wayne

Steve McQueen

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