Hazy Shade of Winter

Recorded in 1987 as a contribution to the soundtrack for the film “Less Than Zero”(which accurately describes the film btw) this song was written by Paul Simon in 1965 and appeared on Simon and Garfunkel’s 4th album, Bookends, in 1968, although it was released as a stand-alone single in October of 1966. It reached #11 on the Billboard Charts.

This version by The Bangles charted higher than the S & G release, ultimately climbing to #2 on the Billboard Charts in late 1987, behind Tiffany’s, “Could’ve Been.” (ThoughtMarauder will be playing that Tiffany tune when Hell freezes over :-7)

As always, Susanna Hoffs is cute as can be in this video.

Obscure musical factoid: Steve Bartek of Oingo Boingo plays acoustic guitar on this track although he isn’t portrayed in the video. If you’re not familiar with the musical stylings of Oingo Boingo, all you need to know is they are undoubtedly the funnest? band in the world to see Live (the ThoughtMarauder speaks from personal experience).

**Originally Posted on 26 Dec 2017**

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