Goodbye EVERY Brick Road..

WOW! Here’s the first article I’ve seen that supports what I’ve been saying for the past several years:…/…/can-take-cars-can-never-take-freedom/

The Days of Personal Automobile Ownership are coming to an end. Not today – or even tomorrow – but 10, 15 maybe 20 years from now.

Autonomous Car 2

Imagine a world where driverless cars, vans and box trucks are literally everywhere. Either the “Government” owns them as a public transportation service, or Big Tech and Big Car get in bed together (Tesla, Uber, GM etc…) to provide them. If you need a ride somewhere you can select one from the group of cars parked on your street or in your apartment parking lot or your work parking lot. One tap of your App, the vehicle door opens and off you go. Everything is linked together so the ride is deducted from your account and the car goes where you instruct it to go.

Autonomous Car 1

Sounds crazy when you first think about, but let these reasons marinate in your head for awhile:

1) No more Drunk Driving deaths or injuries – just climb in the self-driving car and let it whisk you safely to and from wherever it is you’re going. To work, a nightclub, wedding, dinner party – doesn’t matter – just climb in and let the car do the driving.

2) No more car payments or car insurance or trips to the gas station or repair costs or DMV/BMV costs = more money in your pocket.

3) Quicker arrival times because there won’t be any more knuckleheads, Sunday drivers, speed demons or miscellaneous motorized morons to contend with (not you of course ;-7, the OTHER guy).

4) Crime reduction – no more Drive-Bys or criminal getaways. The “Bonnie and Clyde” days of using a car to get away will be over. Each vehicle will have video monitoring (for your safety of course) so any criminal activity perpetrated while using, or inside, the vehicle will automatically deliver the vehicle to the “proper authorities.”

You’ll still be able to operate POV’s, but only on special “Driving Ranges” (no, not for hitting golf balls) where you can drive an array of different, classic cars. They’ll be kind of like Jurassic Park – you can roam free and do what you want within the confines of the Park, but electric fences and drones will ensure you don’t escape and cause vehicular chaos amongst the general population.

The downside is a significant – and I mean SIGNIFICANT – loss of personal freedom – but who wouldn’t sacrifice a little freedom for the “Greater Good?”


Rush painted a pretty good picture of this Utopian?/Dystopian? future in their song, Red Barchetta, which Neil Peart wrote based on a short story called, A Nice Morning Drive” by Richard Foster.

**Originally Posted on 3 Jan 2018**

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