Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year

This New Year I’m gonna…

……stride like a colossus

Over streets littered with last years dreams

And yesterdays thoughts that I would be Different

– better

A real go-getter

A man of letters

Full of disdain for the chase of numbers

– unencumbered

By things remembered
thru this cold

This New Year I’m gonna…

……smash old paradigms under my boot

And craft new dreams of steel

Clay no more

– solid

Friend and Lover

Not undercover

Acclaim for all who labor sans consolation

– dedication

Wed to perspiration
My New Year

ThoughtMarauder wishes everyone a Safe and Fun and Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR!!


**Originally Posted 31 Dec 2017**

Author: ThoughtMarauder

Cavalier, bomb-thrower, provocateur, neanderthal, father, proud US Army Airborne veteran, proud American, lover of many things: God, country, family, baseball, Scotch whiskey, cigars, old-school jazz, dogs, Sinatra, watches, shoes and sunshine..

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