Stone Cold

Because the current temperature outside is a blistering 0 degrees (thanx Global Warming, where r u when I need ya) I thought this classic song by Rainbow would be appropriate.

It’s titled “Stone Cold” and was released by Rainbow in 1982 from the album, “Straight Between the Eyes”. For reasons difficult to understand it only reached number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 despite the video of the song receiving heavy rotation on MTV (yes kids, they used to actually play music videos on Music TV) and despite the fact that it’s one of the coolest songs ever.

Although it’s not technically a song about cold weather, any man will tell you when your girl stops lovin’ you and all you got left is her cold shoulder – even the Arctic Circle feels like Death Valley in July.

As you might expect, Nick Alwaes has a few thoughts about the cold shoulder – check them out on Page 49 of the classic Detective novel, The Look of the Dead Fish

Joe Lynn Turner’s silky vocals are in perfect sync with the effortless guitar play of the mercurial genius, Richie Blackmore. His guitar work in this song is amazing – not just the solo, which is mesmerizing, but the outro is just as good if not better.

Blackmore never breaks a sweat.

I hope this song warms you up on a cold cold cold cold day.

**Originally Posted on 2 Jan 2018**

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