The China / Russia Clown Show

Boy am I tired of the wailing and lamentations from the “America is Broken” crowd – Left and Right.

“Obama’s destroying Capitalism and turning us into a Communist Nation!”

“The Republican’s have started tossing old people off of cliffs and throwing POC and LBGCQVW’s into Gulag’s!”

Get a grip.

You live in the Greatest Nation Ever Conceived!..and it’s not going anywhere.

American Eagle Flag

There isn’t a nation on Earth where the People (yeah, You, Me, Him and Her) elect other People from their own communities to represent them at the Local, State and Federal level and have done so continuously for well over 200 years.

Do we have issues? Of course we do.

But what we don’t have are these issues:


Two different Chinese guys were arrested by the Communist People’s Party in 2015 for Subversion. (In America we call that Free Speech) One of the men, Xie Yang, was recently found Guilty at “Trial” but he was released without punishment or prison time administered. Before leaving court, Mr. Yang thanked the authorities (kissed their communist asses) and promised he would be a “model citizen” in the future (meaning he would keep his “Subversive” opinions about Chinese Government oppression to himself – an opinion he developed as a result of the torture he’d received at one of the Government’s “re-education camps” while he was awaiting trial).

A policeman leads inmates as they walk along a road with their wrists tied together to a rope at Emei Mountain region

The second man discussed in the article, Wu Gan, is the real hero. He was sentenced to eight years in prison for refusing to admit guilt, as the above-mentioned Mr.Yang did. He was prosecuted for “carrying out a string of criminal actions to subvert State Power and Overthrow the Socialist System” according to authorities. He “seriously harmed State Security and Social Stability,” the court said.

Mr. Gan was arrested in 2015 for questioning the shooting of a petitioner (protestor) by a Police Officer. (If you have any doubts about the difference between China and the US, consider this – in China you go to prison for questioning a Police shooting. In the US, every Police shooting is a media event – it’s about accountability and visibility).

My favorite line from this tragic story is this quote from Mr. Gan’s attorney: “Wu Gan is being punished for his non-conformity.”


Now that Vladimir Putin has effectively eliminated the only viable candidate to oppose him in the March 2018 National Election, he should be a shoo-in to remain in power – unless of course this lady, Ksenia Sobchak, can stop him.

Ksenia Sobchak

That seems unlikely, however, since she is the daughter of one of his closest political allies – the Mayor of St. Petersburg.

But at least it will kinda/sorta/maybe look like a Free Election right?

My rubles are on Vlad to win this one in a landslide, comrade..wanna bet against it?


Whenever you feel like the sky is falling and the Republic is doomed, just remember these stories and think about how lucky we are to be Americans.

I have to go now – I’m attending a non-conformist’s seminar tonight. If you don’t hear from me by this time tomorrow, don’t worry. It only means I’ve been assigned to a re-education camp..or maybe I’m just hungover..

**Originally Posted on 26 Dec 2017**

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