The Future of The Hermit Kingdom

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it appears likely that Kim Jong Un read this ThoughtMarauder post from 29 November 2017 and concluded that in order to save his head he should engage his South Korean brothers in Peace Talks.

Yep, there goes the ThoughtMarauder influencing Geopolitics again with his keen insight.

Be that as it may, I am not the only one responsible for pushing the man with the coolest haircut ever (I think you could literally land a small aircraft on that flat-top of his)

Kim Jong Un

to reconsider his belligerent behavior.

You can also thank President Trump. As stated in my post of 29 November, thirty years of appeasement, ineffective sanctions and “strategic patience” (wtf!) by Leaders of both political parties has gotten us where we are today.

Much is made of the President Trumps un-artfulness and deficit of intellectual heft, but tell me who else has forced this much movement on the matter?

The answer is no one.

President Trump has compelled China to reduce shipments of refined petroleum to North Korea along with a total ban on the importation of textiles to the Hermit Kingdom.

This is what progress looks like. Maybe it’s ugly – and scary – but the President is not going to kick this can down the road any longer.

Not only do we owe it to our allies in the region to address this threat – Japan particularly, since they are prohibited from keeping a standing army, navy or air force by Article 9 of their Constitution – but we must do it to protect our own national safety.

This is a very delicate dance we are engaged in, but this is how it’s going to end (assuming Flat-Top Kim doesn’t end up as I posited in my original post):

The communist Chinese live in mortal fear of their own people getting a whiff of anything that even remotely smells like Freedom, and they know that if the current North Korean regime were to disappear it’s likely that re-unification with South Korea would occur, essentially placing American style democracy at their doorstep.

With this in mind, they are going to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze Kim Jong Un using heavy sanctions – and perhaps even threats to his life – to abandon his nuclear program. This would clearly please everyone in the International community.

What does everyone get when this eventually happens?

North Korea: Kim Jong Un gets to keep his life and all sanctions are lifted. Life returns to some sense of twisted normalcy for the people of North Korea (for all the people in the Free World who complain about oppression, would you like to trade your current “oppression” for NK style oppression

North Korean Justice

because I guarantee you they’d trade theirs for yours).

China: The buffer zone (North Korea) keeps the smell of South Korean political freedom away from their border.

North Korea China Border

Japan: Peace of mind knowing the North Koreans won’t be lobbing Nuclear-tipped missiles at them.

United States: One less threat to World Peace, an effective projection of Peace thru Strength (American Style, hello Iran) and a yuuuge political victory for President Trump.

President Trump and the Nobel Peace Prize
PS: Note the effective barrier separating North Korea and China in the attached photograph. Every sovereign nation has the right to control its border.

**Originally Posted on 6 Jan 2018**

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