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I could go on and on (Somalia, El Salvador, Sudan etc..etc..) discussing the failure of many nations to coalesce around high-functioning representative forms of government like those found in the United States, The UK, France etc.

So many nations of the world seem incapable of effective self-governance.


The collective inability of their respective populations to sublimate their own selfish desires (wealth, power) for the greater good of society (trust in institutions, faith in Property Rights, civil society).

“Shitholes” is an un-artful way to describe these countries. I believe it more aptly describes the “Governments” of these countries rather than the people themselves – but one has to wonder why the citizens of these countries tolerate these systems.

After all, according to the 18th century French Philosopher and Statesman Joseph do Maistre, “doesn’t every nation get the government they deserve?”

**Originally Posted on 13 Jan 2018**

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