The Old “Jobs Americans won’t Do” Bullshit

I’ve discussed in prior posts my feelings about Illegal Immigration and its impact on the job market. Why Illegal Immigration Sucks for America – Part 1 and Why Illegal Immigration Sucks for America – Part 2

This linked article from the Associated Press recites the tired canard about how much we need illegal immigrants because they do the “jobs Americans won’t do.”

Do you know why they supposedly do the jobs Americans won’t do?


Because when businesses have an almost limitless pool of low-skilled / un-skilled illegal workers they know they can pay them poorly (8$ or 9$ or 10$ an hour) and treat them like shit with stunning disregard for their on-the-job safety. With that kind of labor access businesses know they can pay low wages and shirk their safety obligations because there are always more poor illegal souls to replace those who complain or get hurt.

Now imagine what would happen if you repatriated all of these illegal immigrants back to their homelands.

Faced with a sudden shortage of available illegal labor, businesses (if they want to stay in business) would have to hire legacy Americans to do the “jobs Americans won’t do.”

How do businesses attract labor in a suddenly tight labor market?

Higher wages and better benefits, that’s how.

I guarantee you they’d have very little trouble satisfying their labor needs if they were compelled by market forces to pay 18$ or 19$ or 20$ an hour.

Forget about the “Fight for $15.”

Fight for 15

It won’t be necessary in a properly functioning legal employment market.

Do you know what 20$ an hour is?

It’s a living fucking wage, that’s what it is.

It’s the kind of wage that allows a man or woman or a family to actually live a life – not just exist. It’s the kind of wage that allows everyone to buy a home

New Homes

or a new car

New Car

or go on a vacation.

Tropical Vacation

It’s American Dream money for a whole lot of people.

Wages have been stagnant for working Americans (black,white,hispanic,whatever) at the shallow end of the labor pool for almost 20 years. Prices for everything have gone up – but not wages.


Illegal immigration.

I encourage you to read this article

Here are a couple of sentences I found particularly interesting:

“Amy Peck, an Omaha, Nebraska, immigration attorney who represents businesses, said an employer crackdown will never work because the government has limited resources and there are many jobs that people who are in the country legally do not want.”

So Amy thinks that a country that won two World Wars, sent men to the Moon and invented the Smartphone is incapable of controlling illegal immigration? I am underwhelmed by her “can do” spirit.

From Mark Krikorian, Director of the Center for Immigration Studies: “It’s important for Trump to show that they’re not just arresting the hapless schmo from Honduras but also the politically powerful American employer,” he said. It’s easy to condemn the illegal alien who slips into our country to earn better wages than he or she can find in their home country, but the heart of the problem lies with American businesses – large and small.

Until some employers are perp-walked into court and prosecuted

Executive Perp Walk

this will not end and low-skilled Americans will continue to be stuck in 10$ or 11$ or 12$ an hour jobs.

Our American brothers and sisters deserve better.

**Originally Posted on 11 Jan 18**

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