The Particularly Puzzling and Perplexing Case of the Pulchritudinous Purple Taco

The Purple Taco 1

Well, this is not a banner day for the ThoughtMarauder. I posted recently about what I believed to be Life’s Greatest Mystery.

The ThoughtMarauder is a big enough man to admit when he’s wrong. Apparently, the meaning behind the “Purple Taco” is even more mysterious (you must click the Link, otherwise this post is without contextualosity)

Purple Taco Graffiti Hard To Ignore In East Dallas

The Powers-That-Be (and even the ones That-Don’t-Be) are baffled by its meaning.

The Purple Taco 2

I’m prepared to toss my taco into the fuego and take a few guesses:

1) The perpetrator is clearly a male or female between the ages of 12 and 90.

2) It’s likely they live in East Dallas or somewhere within 100 miles of the city.

3) Purple is historically associated with Royalty

The Purple Crown

or with The Artist Formerly known as Prince.


The perpetrator clearly understands this and is trying to convey some kind of Regal message or tribute. (or it was the only color he could find? It could just as easily be the Red Taco or the Blue Taco, right?)

4) Why Tacos? Why not Chimichangas? or Flautas? Hmmm? Smells like Food Discrimination. Someone get Mexican Food Matters on the phone!

I deduce that this is either the start of the Great Cultural Revolution – Arm yourselves! To the ramparts!


Taco Bell has unleashed a genius underground marketing strategy. Look for the Purple Taco soon at a Taco Bell near you!

Feel free to offer your opinions about the perpetrator of this purple ate crime…

Now will someone please pass me the Pink Pepto…

Pepto Bismol

Exit Question: What exactly is Bismol? The mysteries keep piling up..

**Originally Posted on 8 Jan 2018**


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