AI & The Robot Revolution

No No No, that’s not the name of some new EDM band – although it’s not a bad choice.


What I’m referring to is nothing less than a complete re-imagining of the “future.”

As loyal readers will recall from this post: Goodbye EVERY Brick Road.. I talked about the self-driving car revolution and it’s impact on car ownership, personal transportation and the sacrifice of Freedom associated with it.

This article:…/artificial-intelligence-self-…

takes the issue further and talks about the next – and most critical – part of the AI revolution – joblessness.

The ThoughtMarauder speculates that the “Government” will make private automobile ownership illegal (read the above tagged post to find out why) and take over the entire ground transportation industry. They will deem transportation a Public Utility (and a Universal Right) and provide vehicles for everyone.

This Daily Star article states that approximately 1/3 of the population works in some form of transportation-related industry and they will find themselves out of work once AI-driven vehicles take over.

The question is what to do with all of the people whose jobs are eliminated. There will still be a need for mechanics, and some people can be re-trained to manage the hardware/software needs of the industry. But that still leaves potentially millions of other people without work. If you add this group of people to those who will lose their jobs in the Fast Food industry, the Logistics industry etc..etc..because of Automation, pretty soon you’re looking at tens of millions of Americans out of work.


This is where it either gets ugly – or awesome.

The ThoughtMarauder offers 2 scenarios:

1) GUI – What’s GUI you ask? Never heard of it? GUI is Guaranteed Universal Income. The Government knows, like you do, that “Idle Hands are the Devils Workshop.” People without jobs, hope or money often take to the streets to rectify their situation. GUI is the answer. The Government will pass a law that requires each employer who replaces a “Human” employee with an “Electronic” one to continue to contribute payroll taxes that will be collected by the Government and distributed to non-working citizens. Each month you’ll receive a Government Stipend – $1500, $2000 maybe $2500 month- directly deposited onto your card with no strings attached. You can pay your rent, buy groceries – whatever – and it will go a lot further because you won’t have a car payment, or car insurance or fuel costs etc..etc..because the government owns all of the cars. You ride for “free” because it’s a utility (and a Right). Bingo! Now you get to live a life of luxury without having to work. Life is Good!


2) Despite our collective bitching about what a pain in the ass it is to have to go to work every day, we know that after a couple of weeks of idleness we get restless to do something productive. Faced with a lifetime of doing nothing, people revolt against the Machines – they smash all of the robot cars, burn down the robot restaurants and warehouses and declare an end to all AI that replaces human employment. The Country returns to a place where AI is a small, helpful part of everyday life, but never again will they be allowed to displace humans in areas of employment.

Remember, you heard it hear always

Here’s a fun Robot song brought to you by Styx:


**Originally Posted on 23 Jan 2018**

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