Goodbye Mr. Smith..

What if the Federal Government shut down and no one gave a damn?

Here we go again. Another threat from leaders of both political parties to shut down the government if compromises can’t be reached on S-CHIP and DACA.…

In some ways it’s comforting to know that there is so much gridlock in Washington that nothing significant ever really happens. Can you imagine the trouble we’d all be in if these people actually got stuff done?

I have no doubts – unfortunately – that some compromise will be reached at the “25th hour” to keep the government running for a few more weeks until the next “shutdown threats” resume.

The ThoughtMarauder has a word of advice for our “dear Government Leaders” – remember the NFL!

The NFL used to be an indispensable part of the American Landscape – until it wasn’t. The same thing can happen to the Federal Government. Professional football viewership and attendance are down 10% this year (that includes your beloved ThoughtMarauder, who’s found other things to do on Monday Night, Thursday Night, Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Night, Sunday Afternoon and Sunday Night – can you say football fatigue?).

When your customers get tired of you, they don’t notice when you’re gone.

What would happen if the Federal Government shut down and no one gave a damn?

People might actually discover how little the Federal Governments perpetual intrusions into our daily lives matter. Aside from providing for the national defense and fixing the potholes on the Interstate highways, what do we need them for?

But “Fear Not”, I’m sure they’ll “save us all” by funding the government for another month because they know if the people get used to not having them around for a day or a week or a month, they might get used to not having them around at all.

Professional Politician – “How is that even a job!?” SMH..

**Originally Posted on 18 Jan 2018**

Author: ThoughtMarauder

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