Poor Ed has EARectile Dysfunction

It’s not bad enough that Low-T Millenial soyboy Ed Sheeran writes songs that have bored millions of people all over the globe, now it turns out many of them aren’t even original:


I’ve been having this discussion a lot recently about how absolutely awful new music is today. From filth Rap to forgettable AutoTune vocals to pop music divas with voices indistinguishable from one another, modern music really is a barren wasteland (with a few rare exceptions). It’s no wonder there is such a proliferation of 80’s music channels and “classic music” channels on the radio. A lot of young people like listening to the music their parents grew up with.

How did we get to this place?

As you can imagine the ThoughtMarauder has a theory about how we ended up in this musical armageddon.

Every great song, every great hook, every musical theme and genre has been explored. The musical mine is tapped out. There are no more notes left in the sonic well.

What else is a young musician gonna create that hasn’t been created already?

Maybe someone will figure it out, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be Ed.

Here’s just a small sample of the greatest songs of the last 60 years that new artists are up against:

Blue Suede Shoes – Elvis Presley – 1956

Young Elvis
That’ll Be The Day – Buddy Holly – 1957
Only You – The Platters – 1955
She Loves You – The Beatles – 1963
Light My Fire – The Doors – 1967
Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding – 1968

Photo of Otis Redding
Mr Tamborine Man – The Byrds – 1965
Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin – 1971
Hotel California – The Eagles – 1977
What’s Going On? – Marvin Gaye – 1971
American Pie – Don McLean – 1972
I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor – 1978
Billie Jean – Michael Jackson – 1982
When Doves Cry – Prince – 1984
Don’t Stop Believing – Journey – 1981
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper – 1984

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana – 1991
Waterfalls – TLC – 1994

U Cant Touch This – MC Hammer – 1990
Enter Sandman – Metallica – 1991

These are tough acts to follow!

**Originally Posted on 16 Jan 2018**

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