The Amazonification of Food and the “Soviet Safeway”

Grocery Industry Analysts (what kind of job is that?) were surprised last year when Amazon owner Jeff Bezos purchased health-food giant Whole Foods last year.…/furious-shoppers-report-widespread-e…/

The ThoughtMarauder wasn’t surprised.

With no apparent interest in Washington for applying Anti-Monopoly statutes to Amazon, they are on pace to controlling everything you buy. Think about it – movies, music, phone accessories, chainsaws, shoes, books, shampoo and conditioner – you can buy all of these products and millions more on Amazon and have them delivered to you in 24 to 48 hours.

So why not groceries too. It just makes sense.

Jeff Bezos didn’t spend 13.8 Billion dollars to acquire Whole Foods to let it die. This is part of the plan to downsize – or completely eliminate – brick and mortar stores. Why should he bother paying rent, utilities, payroll etc..when he can apply the same successful Warehouse Order Fulfillment processes to the food industry? And given the purchasing power of his organization and built-in efficiencies of his operation there’s no doubt he can follow through on his stated goal of bringing the price of “health foods” down to the level of pricing people expect to find at their nearest traditional grocery store (Kroger, Giant Eagle, Safeway etc…)

He knows that once he can get “healthy food” costs down and have them delivered promptly to buyers doorsteps he will OWN the 582 Billion dollar a year Grocery Industry.

PS: Amazon has been granted approval from the State Pharmaceutical Boards of 12 states (so far) to deliver medications directly to customers homes.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to get your Arugala and Viagra delivered right to your doorstep. Ain’t progress great!

**Originally Posted on  19 Jan 2018**

Author: ThoughtMarauder

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