A Chat with The Warriors..

This is how you talk to The Warriors

Sometimes a headline comes along you just can’t resist. I saw this:

LeBron James Considers Talks With Golden State Warriors

and immediately thought of this:

I went to see The Warriors when it came out in the Winter of 1979. I loved it!

I’m not going to recap the film because I KNOW all of my readers have seen it.

In my mind it perfectly captures the rundown, almost apocalyptic hellhole that was New York City in the 1970’s. Notice as you watch the clips how broken down and dirty everything is – notice especially all of the trash laying around.

My favorite gang in the film is of course The Furies:

they’re the gang with the old-school baseball uniforms, ballbats and fantastic facepaint – although The Orphans – despite (or because of) their pathetic appearance – come in second.

I wonder if Lebron will meet with them on Coney Island and “clink the bottles” together while asking the Warriors to “come out and playayay.”


**Originally Posted on 1 Feb 2018**

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