Dumberer and dumberererer..

Another multi-millionaire politician who claims to advocate tirelessly “for the poor” tells the “poor” that a $1000 bonus is just a “crumb” from the table of their “fat cat” masters.

Fat Cat Masters like…Nancy Pelosi



As I’ve stated many times, I am a committed Capitalist. The ThoughtMarauder begrudges no one their success – everyone has a shot in America.

It troubles me that politicians who “only” earn $174,000 a year manage to become millionaires while “serving the public” but I assume they invest their money wisely and reap the rewards of said investments. Besides, if their money is “earned” through corruption – insider knowledge, bribery, influence peddling – members of the other Party will find out soon enough and expose them.

Color me naive.

Anyway, what disturbs me about this is the unbelievable level of cognitive dissonance it requires for someone with their accumulated wealth to tell hard-working Americans that a Thousand Dollars is meaningless.

Fuck them..

As a member-in-good-standing of the working class, I can tell you there are millions and millions of Americans who are going to put this money to good use.

The ThoughtMarauder is a Man of Letters – not a Man of Numbers – but I performed some complex mathematical calculations and determined that a $1000 bonus equates to $83.33 per month over a 12 month period.

Here are some things Americans will spend that money on each month:

2 Full tanks of Gas

Dinner out with the Family

Monthly payment on a new TV


$50 added to Savings account with the remainder used for a tank of Gas

New stickers from the BMV for license plate registration

Clothes for the kids


The ThoughtMarauder could go on and on and on..but you get the point – Nancy and Debbie don’t..

Of course, they’ll be lamenting how stupid the American People are for “not acting in their own self-interest” while they’re both enjoying a $1000 meal at some tony Washington D.C. eatery.

“Let them eat cake”…the famous last words of another out-of-touch queen.


**Originally Posted on 26 Jan 2018**

Author: ThoughtMarauder

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