Shaking my not-Catholic American Head

A Vatican-Based Bishop Extols China

I had to read this headline a few times to make sure I was reading it correctly. There’s no way a high-ranking member of the Vatican could possibly suggest that a Communist nation implements Church teachings better than the United States or other Free nations of the World, could he?

The sad answer is Yes.

Bishop Marcelo Sorondo has proved himself to be what the Communists like to call “a useful idiot.”

One of the very first things a Communist regime does is persecute “religious believers.” Communists are convinced that God is a nuisance and a troublemaker who gives people hope that their individual lives have value – which is totally antithetical to the Communist narrative where everyone is bound to one another for the “Greater Good.” The “Greater Good” of course is decided upon by their Godless Communist “Betters” at the Politburo.

Because members of the ruling Politburo are smarter and more well-connected than you are they get to set Policy – which they enforce thru a system of spies who literally rat their fellow “citizens” out to the Party if they say or do anything contrary to the “social order.”

Why would anyone speak out against Communist Government Policy?

Here’s a few reasons right off the top of the ThoughtMarauders pea-sized brain:

1. The Two-Child policy: Remember the bad old days when Mao dictated that no family is ALLOWED to have more than 1 child? Well, the Chinese Communists abolished that cruel policy and replaced it with the much more generous Two-Child policy. Now they let you have two kids.

How generous of your Government to “LET” you have two

What happens if you accidentally get pregnant with a third unauthorized child? The answer is easy. Duh. Your government drags you to the hospital where a forced abortion is performed. I imagine as a bonus they give you a free hysterectomy to prevent further transgressions.

I wonder if the Bishop got to see one of these operations while he was a guest of the Chinese Government?

2. China has over 1000 active “camps” where those accused of “thought crimes” – chastising the Government, praying to God, questioning the Police, accessing unauthorized Websites and Media (the list is long, I won’t bore you with the other hundreds of others) – are forced to do hard labor until they get their minds right.

Can you say “re-education?”

For those who are unwilling to be re-educated, or seem like good candidates, they can look forward to being murdered and having their organs stolen so they can be stored and used to replace the organs of more deserving comrades who tow the Government line.

I wonder if the Bishop got to see one of these camps while he was a guest of the Chinese Government?

3. The Communist Chinese Government is one of the most repressive regimes on Earth and regularly leads the World by a factor of Five or more in executions.

Drug Users? Kill ’em.

Member of an “unauthorized Religion?” Can you say Falun Gong? Kill ’em.

Member of an “unauthorized Political Party?” Kill ’em.

I wonder if the Bishop got to see one of these Executions while he was a guest of the Chinese Government?

The ThoughMarauder has stated in the past that America is a far from perfect place – Freedom is messy and loud and complicated – but I can assure Bishop Sorondo that America is light years ahead of Communist China regarding the application and practice of Catholic Doctrine.

Shame on him.

**Originally Posted on 8 Feb 2018**

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