Spread your Wings

What’s the toughest job in the world?

Crab Fisherman?
Prison Guard?
Communication Tower Light Bulb changer? (watch this Youtube video of one of these guys in action – it’s guaranteed to make the bottom of your feet sweat..)

Those are all tough jobs to be sure. Much respect to all – but the toughest job in the world is –

Dream Chaser

Facebook is a popular place to find endless memes about the importance of following your dreams and how “you only live once” so “live the life you love” etc..etc..

But how many people are prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve that dream.?

It’s not easy to quit the “job” you have. Fear of the unknown is much more powerful (for most people) than the adrenaline rush of living by your wits in unconditional pursuit of “the dream.”

How many are prepared to give up certainty for uncertainty? How many are prepared to trade in their car to ride the Bus? Trade in their smartphone for a flip-phone? Give up their Newports for an e-smoke? Choose Ramen and crackers over steak and potatoes?

I know a guy.

His name is Sammy.

Dig this obscure classic from the indispensable Freddie Mercury and Queen. It’s called “Spread Your Wings” and appears on the 1977 classic album News of The World (famous for We Are The Champions / We Will Rock You).

I could write pages and pages and pages about the greatness of Queen. From Freddie’s legendary voice to the singularly distinct sound of Brian May’s guitar – but not today.

Turn this up and enjoy!

**Originally Posted on 11 Jan 2018**

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