Fear Not! The ThoughtMarauder hath Returned..eth? Oh whatever..


**Special Thanks to The In and Out Club**(hehe)


Oh ye of little Faith! You thought the ThoughtMarauder, your favorite Working-Class Nero, had abandoned you and was out piddling while America burned.

Well, you were right.

It’s customary for me to take a few months off in late Winter and early Spring so that I can visit my Mediterranean estates – a mix of business and pleasure. You’ll be pleased to know that my humble cottage in the south of France is in excellent condition

French Estate

the Yacht was updated


and held up well under the superior guidance of Captain Jean-Louis Henry de Quoeif. Things were a little dicey as we neared Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

but after that it was smooth sailing all the way to my estate on the Greek Island of Oikos


The trip was fine, but as you all well know, lounging in the lap of luxury can become tiresome and dull very quickly (did I just say that?) so I raced back home as slowly as I could to pick up where I left off…



Now if I could just remember where I left off..


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