For Sale: Child’s Soul Price: 30 Pieces of Silver

In the movie “Wall Street” the character Gordon Gecko offers a monologue describing the upside of greed. “Greed is Good” he said

and in many ways greed can be a force for good. When entrepreneurs, motivated by a blend of altruism and financial self-interest, create products and services needed/wanted/required by the People, everyone benefits. Throw in a little competition and it’s a win/win/win for all parties.

But, like a coin, greed has two sides.


Greed, unleashed from altruism, corrupts. Unmoored from decency – envy, lust, theft, gluttony and violence are sure to follow.

Greed, untethered, causes Moral Blindness.

Witness –


Meet Lil Tay. She is the self-proclaimed youngest “flexer” (don’t ask me what that means. I’m blissfully ignorant of the term and I’d like to remain that way) of the century. According to her..Oh wait..I’m need to rest for a minute or two to fully absorb what you just watched..what’s that? You’re feeling a little sick to your stomach? And right about now you’re asking yourself the obvious question – “Where the hell are this child’s parents?”

Great question!

The answer is, like so many other children in America, dad is out of the picture for any number of reasons.

The good news is she has a strong, independent mother. Do you know where Mom is?

She’s the one holding the video camera and encouraging her daughter to behave this way.


Greed gone bad – real, real bad.

As the father of two adult daughters my heart aches for this poor child. When I think of 9 year old girls, I picture this:


and this


and this


Color me naive..

The image that never comes to mind is one where my child is cursing, demeaning others, worshiping clothes, cars and money (the LOVE of money is the root of all evil), smoking dope, bragging about selling drugs and hanging out with rappers outside a club well past her bedtime.

As I’m sure most of you know, the more followers a person has on their Social Media accounts, the more money they make via the advertising revenue that is generated for each view. I’m no expert, but I believe a person can earn 3 or 4 cents for each “view” of their YouTube videos, Twitter accounts, Instagram etc..To date her videos and posts – set up by her mother and deposited in her mother’s bank account – have been viewed over 2 million times.

You do the math.

I wonder how comfortably her mother sleeps at night on the Gucci sheets paid for with her daughters innocence..


Childhood, once lost, is never found..


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