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Democrat/Socialist/Communist Bernie Sanders


– and others of his kind – are fond of citing the successes of D/S/C policies in European nations such as Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands and Belgium as models that America should emulate in order to ensure more “equality” for all citizens – particularly as it relates to Healthcare – but tax, labor and immigration policy are in the mix too.

The thing that strikes me immediately when they cite these examples are the specific geography of these “successful” models. Why is there never a mention of the wildly successful Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, the incredible prosperity of Post-Castro Cuba and other Central and South American nations that have tried on the old Marxist/Leninist/Maoist suit? Why not a word about Cristina Kirchner’s failed Argentina, Correa’s Ecuador, Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua or El Salvador’s Ceren? Is Bernie Sanders, and those who support him, racist?


What these Democrat/Socialist/Communists proponents fail to mention – intentionally (they’re too smart to not know this) – is that these “successful” socialist European nations are able to fund their government largesse on the backs of the American taxpayer.

How so?

Because approximately 72% of the NATO military budget is paid for by the United States.

How much money is that?

How about 650 BILLION dollars!

Every year!

That’s 650 BILLION dollars not contributing to rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure (try driving the teeth-smashing pothole-dodging highway’s of my Middle American city), paying down the national debt, providing prevention and treatment for those suffering through the Opioid epidemic etc..

But, because they are relieved of the major financial responsibility of defending themselves, they can use the money America saves them by providing Healthcare for all. It is disingenuous of Senator Sanders and others to omit this when trumpeting their support for this American-subsidized Healthcare system.

One other point not mentioned is population size. Most reasonable people would admit that Government entities are not masters of process and/or project management. Government’s have no incentive to be good at it. Why should they? No one’s competing for their business. If you don’t like the way they do things, tough shit! GTFO!

These are recent population numbers (rounded) for the above referenced European nations:

The Netherlands – 17,100,00

Belgium – 11,600,000

Sweden – 10,100,000

Denmark – 5,800,000

California alone has more people than these countries combined (and look how swell things are going in that Socialist country ;-7)

Whatever “success” these countries are having with their socialized Healthcare systems is largely attributable to the small size of the bureaucracy required to run it. Can you imagine the size and ineffeciency of the bureaucracy that would be required to manage a government run America-sized Universal Healthcare system charged with satisfying the needs of over 300 million citizens.

Good grief!

I’m going to get in line at the doctors office now for the MRI scan I’m gonna need in 2024..

I don’t mind having a debate about Universal Healthcare or any other topic, but I do insist we arrive at the table armed with every ounce of relevant information available – whether it suits our agenda or not.

Honesty is mostly what we need..



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