The Space In-Between

Every now and then your favorite Working-Class Nero attempts to wrap his pea-sized brain around complex, super-scientific concepts in an effort to exercise the muscle between his ears.

Usually without much success 🙁

Case in point – In the Post-Einsteinian world of Physics, Particle scientists have been operating under what’s known as the Standard Model of Subatomic Particles for many years. This Model, confirmed again and again through many years of SuperGeek level experiments, dictates the behavior of sub-atomic particles and explains how various particles – ghost neutrino’s, Higgs boson and others – attain their Mass.

My head hurts already but I’m gonna press on –

Now, according to the article above, scientists at the FermiLab in Chicago


have confirmed the existence of Sterile Neutrino’s – sometimes called Ghost Neutrino’s. These particles pass through Matter without impacting it in any way. Hence the name.

So how do you confirm the existence of something that doesn’t exist?

Great question!


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You fire streams of various Neutrino’s at a sensitive Neutrino detector through an inhibitor – such as oil or water – to block radiation that may affect the results and then count the number of Neutrino’s that impact the detector.


So how do you know how many Neutrino’s you should expect to count?

Another great question! Keep it up and you’ll earn an Honorary Doctorate from ThoughtMarauder University.

The Standard Model of Physics tells you how many, that’s how.

Now, what happens when you end up detecting way more Neutrino’s than Settled Science dictates you should count?

You end up potentially upending over 50 years of Settled Science!

Physicists speculate that currently identifiable Neutrino’s (of which there are 3 – electron, muon and tau) are “oscillating” into a heretofore unknown invisible (or Ghost) state and then returning again to a detectable state. This invisible Neutrinoistic state is the discovery – essentially proof that something can be something – and nothing – at the same time.

Kind of like my bank account –

If this discovery holds up (some scientists are questioning the methodology while others have been unable to duplicate the results) The Standard Model of Physics will be consigned to the dustbin of scientific history right next to the The Standard Model of Newtonian Physics.

Such is progress.

**FYI: In the time it’s taken you to read this article trillions of Neutrino’s have streamed past the space in between your eyes and the screen on which you’re reading it.

Go ahead – reach out and grab a handful.

Sometimes nothing is something..yet nothing AND something while still being –

Oh forget it..I need an aspirin..Paging Dr. Dolby..Paging Dr. Dolby


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