My Bilderberg Diary..

Good Gravy! Am I tired!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last time I was in Europe.

This time I’m here on more important business. I decided to accept the invitation extended to me by the Steering Committee for this year’s Bilderberg Conference in the Italian Alpine city of Turin.

I had planned on taking my Embraer Kyoto Airship


(I call it Rocinante) but my (former) personal concierge, Armando, neglected to order the Belluga Caviar so I had to secure another flight.

Good help is truly hard to find..smh

Fortunately, my friend Bill (Gates, not Clinton) was in the neighborhood so he landed in town long enough to pick me up before heading to Washington D.C. where it turns out he’d offered to give our mutual friend Henry a lift.


Old Hank –

Here’s a little known fact: As a young boy in Germany he always wanted to be a real Wild West Cowboy called Hank, but ended up as a premier Diplomat and Intellect called Henry, because his mother wouldn’t allow him to drop out of high school and  join a Dude Ranch. He only let’s close friends (like the ThoughtMarauder) call him Hank-

So, as always, Hank was the life of the flight. He regaled Bill and I with funny anecdotes about Dick Nixon and told so many dirty jokes that Bill almost peed his pants. Hank Kissinger is a total laugh riot!

Anyways, after many hours of Transatlantic flight we finally landed in Turin this morning.


All of us climbed into a bullet-proof, grenade-proof, rocket launcher-proof black Escalade with black windows and cruised through lovely downtown Turin on our way to the Grande Palazzo just outside of the city limits where the Bilderberg Conference is to be held beginning tomorrow. We toyed with the notion of stopping at one of the small cafes that dot the city for a morning aperitif (Turin is renowned for them) but passed on the notion – “too many rabble-rousers and communist sympathizers in town to protest our meeting” Dr. Kissinger wisely noted in that distinctive voice of his that has more gravel in it than my friend’s driveway in the country.

We parted ways in the magnificent Grande Foyer


and followed our respective servants


upstairs to our modest accommodations


FYI: Dr. Kissinger was assigned a room on the first floor owing to his age and frail health.


The Look of the Dead Fish: A Nick Alwaes Detective Novel by [Fountain, Jamie N]


Upon my arrival I was pleased (but not surprised) to find a masseuse (flown in especially from somewhere in the Orient) to “ease” my jet-lag


and a French “Maid” to clean up the mess.


Now that I’m totally relaxed I can focus on the topics of discussion for the weekend:

  • Populism in Europe
  • The inequality challenge
  • The future of work
  • Artificial intelligence
  • The US before midterms
  • Free trade
  • US world leadership
  • Quantum computing
  • Saudi Arabia and Iran
  • The “post-truth” world
  • Current events
  • Russia

I’ll create another post tomorrow to keep you in-the-loop.

If you’re curious how you’re favorite Working-Class Nero secured an invitation to the Bilderberg Conference where our Globalist/Elitist betters decide how to divvy up the world’s wealth, it’s because…………….I’m one of them.

Yeah, I know. You’re shocked!

I quietly own over 75% of the world’s Media might say I’m the Rothschild of News..You won’t even see my name on the guest list printed in the newspapers because…I AM THE NEWSPAPERS..sometimes the way we control events isn’t so much by what we print as it is by what we DON’T print..

The ThoughtMarauder started out from humble beginnings and retains the same MidWestern American values he learned from his mother and father, perhaps that’s why he’s fighting the war against Globalism/Elitism from the inside…and the outside..stay tuned.

I want to take a nap, but I’m starting to feel a little crick in my neck..I think another massage may be in order ;-7



The Ghost of Albert Henkelstam by [Fountain, Jamie N]


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