..After the Thrill

“Oh Yeah, Life goes on,

Long after the thrill of livin’ is gone”

I was 17 in 1982 when this song came out – the lines meant nothing to me then – and there’s no reason why they should have. They were just a clever rhyme – nothing more.

But they weren’t intended to have meaning to a kid.

The words were written for those who’ve lived long enough to look back and see more of Life’s road behind them than in front of them.

When you’re young, life is exciting and full of promise (and promises).

What’s more thrilling than your first kiss, your first love affair,


your first apartment and your first adult job?

All of Life is in front of you. You’re certain you’ll travel across Europe, backpack slung over shoulder, collecting adventures.


Fame and Fortune aren’t probabilities or possibilities – they are inevitable. How you’ll attain them may be uncertain – but they WILL come.

How do you know?

Because you have TIME..and with TIME all things are possible.

The funny – and sad – thing about TIME, though, is it’s relentless nature. It steals from you – constantly. Not in large denominations of $20 or $50 or $100 dollars like a bank robber.


The Look of the Dead Fish: A Nick Alwaes Detective Novel by [Fountain, Jamie N]



TIME is a nickel and dime thief. TIME picks your pocket, imperceptibly, and before you realize what TIME has taken you discover you’re 50-something years old.


After 50 (please don’t misinterpret what I’m about to write) the Thrill of Living is Gone – that doesn’t mean Life is over – it just means activities that once were Thrilling are replaced by something more meaningful..

Simple pleasures..

The first cup of coffee in the morning, a cigar and a drink shared with an old friend


the smiles of children, the wrinkles on your wife’s face that mirror your own, the first scent of fresh-cut grass in April that reminds you of younger days.

Today’s Post was inspired by the recent Deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain by their own hand.


May they both find the Peace in death they were unable to find in Life..

The living can never know with certainty what profound sadness possesses a Person of Years to take their own Life. We can only speculate.

I wonder if there isn’t an element of Boredom married to Nihilism involved in that final, Fatal decision. A kind of “I’ve been there, done that, I don’t have that many years left anyway and it’s too late in my life to recover from this failed marriage or relationship or financial loss etc..so who cares.”

Perhaps, for them, the Simple Pleasures were not enough to sustain them when the Thrill of Living was gone..

**If you – or someone you Love – are struggling with depression and having thoughts of suicide, please, please, please consider contacting the National Suicide Prevention Hotline**


The Ghost of Albert Henkelstam by [Fountain, Jamie N]


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