Perception isn’t always Reality

Perhaps you’re familiar with this story – perhaps not. If all you knew about it was what you see on the video, along with the whiny commentary of a random, lisping LA fag, you might easily let your eyes and ears lull you into believing this is “another” example of excessive force by Law Enforcement Officials.

Well, it’s not..

The genteel professional looking woman driving the nice car is a 25 year old woman named Amber Neal.

What crime could such a sweet young woman have committed to warrant such an “over-the-top” response by the LAPD? Maybe she had a rear brakelight out, maybe she didn’t come to a full stop at a STOP sign? Maybe she’s guilty of DWB?


Or maybe she was involved with two men in a plot to kidnap two actors from their Los Angeles home, put bags over their heads, drive them back to Compton, strip the male actor naked, cut his dick off (this is alleged – not yet confirmed), gouge out one of his eyes (confirmed), place him in a bathtub for over 30 hours while the terrified actress is driven around to different banks and forced to make repeated withdrawals from her bank account as ransom to release her boyfriend.


The Look of the Dead Fish: A Nick Alwaes Detective Novel by [Fountain, Jamie N]


And maybe the “innocent” woman in the video drove the actress back to her LA home to get her checkbook so she could write a $10,000 check to the kidnappers, which she did. Fortunately for the kidnapped actress she was able to escape from the “innocent” woman in the video and inform the “evil” police about the crime and describe to them the car and a description of the “innocent” woman.

Yeah, maybe that’s the crime she was stopped for.

When this story first appeared yesterday the Twitter Mob


grabbed the pitchforks and torches they keep next to their keyboards and set out to describe the video as another validation of their anti-police narrative. What they failed to do (as always) was gather all of the facts surrounding the arrest and upon completion of the gathering, offer useful, insightful and thoughtful analysis.

Expect this story to disappear from view very quickly because it doesn’t fit the progressive “all cops are violent Nazis” narrative.


There will also be no apologies issued today from the Mob for ignorant comments made yesterday, not even a Thank You to the LAPD for removing this dangerous criminal (and her two accomplices) from the street.

The ThoughtMarauder, however, is happy to issue a hearty Thank You to Law Enforcement Officers everywhere in America. Every law-abiding American appreciates the work that you do.

Keep up the good work – and stay safe.pytd4dkBnr3ttCTr3LBYhABGBf3kYt-2314-front_1400x.png

Exit question: Will this be treated as a hate-crime because the perpetrators are Black and victims are White?

LOL..of course not.


The Ghost of Albert Henkelstam by [Fountain, Jamie N]





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