Wax On, Wax Off

Athletes are renowned for their athletic prowess – throwing the Ball


catching the Ball, running with the Ball, hitting the Ball


kicking the Ball – but regrettably they are also well-known for their lack of financial acumen.

The ThoughtMarauder read this story today about yet another athlete holding out for more money. As you well know I am a total Capitalist and have no issue with the salaries Athletes earn. In a free market system everyone gets as much money as their talents will command.

What troubles me about these never-ending “holdouts” is the selfishness and un-professionalism. Again, everyone should get paid what their worth. But when an athlete conducts their business this way it’s a big “Fuck You” to your teammates, coaches and owners. By “holding out” of training camp and the first few games of the season you deprive the team of its ability to create the timing necessary for on-field success. That success can only be forged through the kind of multiple repetitions gained in training camp and the pre-season.


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An athlete can attend these camps and pre-season events and STILL be in negotiations with Team Management regarding his salary. I think it actually enhances the athletes case by providing visual evidence of his ability AND making a statement about his commitment to the team and his professionalism.

Basically, “holding out” screams “I care more about me than I do about the success of the team.” Other players notice this attitude and I imagine some of them wonder why they should go the extra mile to help this guy succeed when he cares more about himself than the success of the team.

Can you say “Goodbye team chemistry!”?

It’s this kind of “Sports Mercenary” attitude that has, in the ThoughtMarauder’s less than humble opinion, contributed to the overall decline of Professional Team Sports in America.


“Why should I, as a Fan, root for this guys success when he doesn’t give a shit about “my” team? He’s only here for the money, and his holdout caused us to lose two games at the start of the season which resulted in our missing the playoffs this year!”

Additionally, it’s often the guys who spend more time doing “the money grab” who end up bankrupt and destitute not long after their playing careers are over. Consider this list (and remember this is just a tiny fraction of a huge total).

With that in mind, look at this article I found while combing through FUTURE headlines this morning:

Report: Le’Veon Bell to skip Cleaning camp again..

July 18 2028:

Car Wash employee Le’Veon Bell didn’t get the long-term wash-and-wax deal he was hoping for, and he apparently isn’t going to put in any extra time.

According to Vince Young of WorkingAtTheCarWash.com, Bell’s plan at the moment is to skip cleaning camp “but be ready for the regular car washing season.”

There’s also no plan to skip regular car washing weeks, likely because doing so would be forfeiting $85.20 a week and his quest for more money isn’t furthered by leaving wet piles of it on the carwash floor.

There’s also the question of how ready for the regular car washing season he’ll be without cleaning camp.

Last year, he cleaned 52 cars for 180 dollars in his first three days after staying away from cleaning camp and the carwash preseason, looking like a guy who needed a month to get his cleaning game up to league speed.


He can listen to this badass funky groove from Rose Royce while he’s “Workin’ at the Car Wash.” Dig that wicked Bass thump!

Wax On..Wax Off..


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