My Bilderberg Diary..

Good Gravy! Am I tired!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last time I was in Europe.

This time I’m here on more important business. I decided to accept the invitation extended to me by the Steering Committee for this year’s Bilderberg Conference in the Italian Alpine city of Turin.

I had planned on taking my Embraer Kyoto Airship


(I call it Rocinante) but my (former) personal concierge, Armando, neglected to order the Belluga Caviar so I had to secure another flight.

Good help is truly hard to find..smh

Fortunately, my friend Bill (Gates, not Clinton) was in the neighborhood so he landed in town long enough to pick me up before heading to Washington D.C. where it turns out he’d offered to give our mutual friend Henry a lift.


Old Hank –

Here’s a little known fact: As a young boy in Germany he always wanted to be a real Wild West Cowboy called Hank, but ended up as a premier Diplomat and Intellect called Henry, because his mother wouldn’t allow him to drop out of high school and  join a Dude Ranch. He only let’s close friends (like the ThoughtMarauder) call him Hank-

So, as always, Hank was the life of the flight. He regaled Bill and I with funny anecdotes about Dick Nixon and told so many dirty jokes that Bill almost peed his pants. Hank Kissinger is a total laugh riot!

Anyways, after many hours of Transatlantic flight we finally landed in Turin this morning.


All of us climbed into a bullet-proof, grenade-proof, rocket launcher-proof black Escalade with black windows and cruised through lovely downtown Turin on our way to the Grande Palazzo just outside of the city limits where the Bilderberg Conference is to be held beginning tomorrow. We toyed with the notion of stopping at one of the small cafes that dot the city for a morning aperitif (Turin is renowned for them) but passed on the notion – “too many rabble-rousers and communist sympathizers in town to protest our meeting” Dr. Kissinger wisely noted in that distinctive voice of his that has more gravel in it than my friend’s driveway in the country.

We parted ways in the magnificent Grande Foyer


and followed our respective servants


upstairs to our modest accommodations


FYI: Dr. Kissinger was assigned a room on the first floor owing to his age and frail health.


The Look of the Dead Fish: A Nick Alwaes Detective Novel by [Fountain, Jamie N]


Upon my arrival I was pleased (but not surprised) to find a masseuse (flown in especially from somewhere in the Orient) to “ease” my jet-lag


and a French “Maid” to clean up the mess.


Now that I’m totally relaxed I can focus on the topics of discussion for the weekend:

  • Populism in Europe
  • The inequality challenge
  • The future of work
  • Artificial intelligence
  • The US before midterms
  • Free trade
  • US world leadership
  • Quantum computing
  • Saudi Arabia and Iran
  • The “post-truth” world
  • Current events
  • Russia

I’ll create another post tomorrow to keep you in-the-loop.

If you’re curious how you’re favorite Working-Class Nero secured an invitation to the Bilderberg Conference where our Globalist/Elitist betters decide how to divvy up the world’s wealth, it’s because…………….I’m one of them.

Yeah, I know. You’re shocked!

I quietly own over 75% of the world’s Media might say I’m the Rothschild of News..You won’t even see my name on the guest list printed in the newspapers because…I AM THE NEWSPAPERS..sometimes the way we control events isn’t so much by what we print as it is by what we DON’T print..

The ThoughtMarauder started out from humble beginnings and retains the same MidWestern American values he learned from his mother and father, perhaps that’s why he’s fighting the war against Globalism/Elitism from the inside…and the outside..stay tuned.

I want to take a nap, but I’m starting to feel a little crick in my neck..I think another massage may be in order ;-7



The Ghost of Albert Henkelstam by [Fountain, Jamie N]


The Space In-Between

Every now and then your favorite Working-Class Nero attempts to wrap his pea-sized brain around complex, super-scientific concepts in an effort to exercise the muscle between his ears.

Usually without much success 🙁

Case in point – In the Post-Einsteinian world of Physics, Particle scientists have been operating under what’s known as the Standard Model of Subatomic Particles for many years. This Model, confirmed again and again through many years of SuperGeek level experiments, dictates the behavior of sub-atomic particles and explains how various particles – ghost neutrino’s, Higgs boson and others – attain their Mass.

My head hurts already but I’m gonna press on –

Now, according to the article above, scientists at the FermiLab in Chicago


have confirmed the existence of Sterile Neutrino’s – sometimes called Ghost Neutrino’s. These particles pass through Matter without impacting it in any way. Hence the name.

So how do you confirm the existence of something that doesn’t exist?

Great question!


The Look of the Dead Fish: A Nick Alwaes Detective Novel by [Fountain, Jamie N]


You fire streams of various Neutrino’s at a sensitive Neutrino detector through an inhibitor – such as oil or water – to block radiation that may affect the results and then count the number of Neutrino’s that impact the detector.


So how do you know how many Neutrino’s you should expect to count?

Another great question! Keep it up and you’ll earn an Honorary Doctorate from ThoughtMarauder University.

The Standard Model of Physics tells you how many, that’s how.

Now, what happens when you end up detecting way more Neutrino’s than Settled Science dictates you should count?

You end up potentially upending over 50 years of Settled Science!

Physicists speculate that currently identifiable Neutrino’s (of which there are 3 – electron, muon and tau) are “oscillating” into a heretofore unknown invisible (or Ghost) state and then returning again to a detectable state. This invisible Neutrinoistic state is the discovery – essentially proof that something can be something – and nothing – at the same time.

Kind of like my bank account –

If this discovery holds up (some scientists are questioning the methodology while others have been unable to duplicate the results) The Standard Model of Physics will be consigned to the dustbin of scientific history right next to the The Standard Model of Newtonian Physics.

Such is progress.

**FYI: In the time it’s taken you to read this article trillions of Neutrino’s have streamed past the space in between your eyes and the screen on which you’re reading it.

Go ahead – reach out and grab a handful.

Sometimes nothing is something..yet nothing AND something while still being –

Oh forget it..I need an aspirin..Paging Dr. Dolby..Paging Dr. Dolby


The Ghost of Albert Henkelstam by [Fountain, Jamie N]


Big Gas

Ah..Memorial Day Weekend at last! The ThoughtMarauder welcomes the return of all the great Summer traditions –

Barbecues and Baseball games


Flying kites and Fireflies


Suntans and Swimming Pools


But, sadly, another Summer tradition has returned, as it does every year. No, not Mosquitoes and Sunburns. Something even more painful –

High Gas prices

As sure as the Summer Solstice rising in the East? gas prices have started going up again as they do every year around this time.

Like most of you I’ve always attributed this to oil company price gouging. The assumption is that more people travel during the summer so BIG OIL raises the prices to line their pockets and please their shareholders.

It seems likely enough.

But our assumption is wrong.


The Look of the Dead Fish: A Nick Alwaes Detective Novel by [Fountain, Jamie N]


Here are a few reasons why –

  1. Although U.S. oil and natural gas production are at all-time highs, our ability to process the oil has not kept up with the increased output. So what we have is more oil waiting to be processed into gasoline than we have the ability to refine.


2. Many States (and even certain cities within a State) have different air quality requirements that are mandated by law. The refineries must process these specific blends and then store them – in a limited amount of fuel silos –


until they are loaded onto fuel trucks and delivered to their respective cities and states.


3. As you can imagine, processing crude oil into fuel-grade gasoline is a potentially volatile business. Although you don’t hear much about it in the news, refinery fires and explosions happen with unfortunate regularity


further limiting the available supply of gasoline.

The next logical question is “Why don’t we just build more refineries?” The answer is more complicated than you might think.

  1. The cost of building a new refinery can run into the hundreds of millions of dollars – perhaps into the billions of dollars depending on it’s expected processing capacity. The oil companies have no shortage of cash, but with the encroachment of electric cars and their expected diminution of fossil fuel market share

17925perhaps it makes more sense to maintain the status quo – and add capacity to existing facilities – than to invest in new facilities that may not be necessary in 10 or 15 or 20 years.

2. As stated, transporting, processing and storing oil and gasoline is dangerous business. Leaks and spills can have a devastating impact on the people and natural habitats surrounding these facilities


so getting the necessary Environmental Impact studies done and meeting all EPA requirements is a long and costly endeavor that, given the aforementioned reason above, may not seem worth it.

The ThoughtMarauder hopes he’s added a little clarity to the current increase in gas prices (about $2.94 a gallon in my Midwestern city) and he also hopes you have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

ps: put on some sunscreen will ya’…


The Ghost of Albert Henkelstam by [Fountain, Jamie N]



How We’ve Lost Our Grip

Moral Authority isn’t easy to come by. It requires a lifetime of selflessness, kindness, charity and goodwill to others before it can be accorded to someone.

It isn’t hard to find such people scattered throughout religious history – Moses, Martin Luther


Gandhi, Mother Theresa


Pope Paul II, the reverend Billy Graham, Martin Luther King


etc..It get’s even tougher when you venture into the world of politics – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln


come to my mind – but none others (perhaps you can help fill in the blanks).

In the world of entertainment you can practically forget about it – Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, R Kelly, Bill Cosby – I certainly would have – until this name popped up today.

Wynton Marsalis


Mr. Marsalis is one of those people who go quietly about their lives doing what they love without much fanfare, while, unbeknownst to themselves, acquiring the kind of Moral Authority that gives them license to speak Truth to Power.

Hear the power of these words, that if spoken by most other men, would be brushed aside with a dismissive “F… Him!’


The Look of the Dead Fish: A Nick Alwaes Detective Novel by [Fountain, Jamie N]


Specifically, he said that hip-hop is indicative of “how we’ve lost our grip on our morality in the black community… using pornography and profanity and addressing ourselves in the lowest, most disrespectful form.”

and this:

He continued by comparing the popularization of rap to minstrel shows. “You can’t have a pipeline of filth be your default position, and it’s free. Now, the nation is entertained by that. It’s not free,” he remarked. “Just like the toll the minstrel show took on black folks and on white folks. Now all this ‘nigga’ this, ‘bitch’ that, ‘ho’ that, it’s just a fact at this point.”

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts – For Sale: Child’s Soul Price: 30 Pieces of Silver and The Great Disconnect and Goodbye Hollywood.. the moral decay of our Great country has much to do with the abdication of many Americans of their role as the keepers of Decency and Innocence. When are the grown-ups going to stand together with one voice and say “Enough is Enough.” When will we as a people – regardless of gender, race, religion – join together and push back against the normalization of filthy, gratuitous rap, violent video games, 24 hour a day sexualized television content etc..etc..

As an interesting aside, Mr. Marsalis won a Pulitzer Prize for this:


while Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer Prize for this:


You be the judge of which artist elevates the spirit and which does not.

Also from Mr. Lamar, this:

Apparently he invited a young female fan onstage (a white fan) to sing? one of his lyrical miracles but then became offended when she used the exact same N-Word he uses about a thousand times a day. Perhaps if Mr. Lamar didn’t use the N-Word with such prolificosity he wouldn’t hear others using it so much, thus avoiding offense to his delicate sensibilities.

Hmmm..perhaps that’s Mr. Marsalis’ point?


The Ghost of Albert Henkelstam by [Fountain, Jamie N]




When Virtue-Signaling meets Reality – The O Canada Version

It appears, according to this article, that the government of Canada, led by Justin Trudeau


has come to the “real world” conclusion that accepting multitudes of “migrants” from 3rd world nations such as Haiti, El Salvador, Nigeria and Somalia is not as “culturally invigorating” as he thought it would be.


In fact, not so long ago, he made a point of shaming President Trump, and by extension all Americans, for their callous rejection of millions of unskilled/low-skilled emigres from failed nations around the globe.

Do you remember these Twitted words from Prime Minister Trudeau on 29 Jan 2017 after President Trump talked about a temporary travel ban involving unvetted travelers from seven primarily Muslim nations until better methods could be established to identify them:

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada,” he tweeted.

The ThoughtMarauder imagines that after he sent that Tweet he closed his eyes and envisioned himself receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and started writing his acceptance speech for his induction into the Progressive Hall of Fame.


The Look of the Dead Fish: A Nick Alwaes Detective Novel by [Fountain, Jamie N]


Regrettably, as so often happens, reality crashed the feel-good party.


Over 27,000 people have crossed into Canada since that Twit was Tweeted (hehe) causing a huge backload of cases in their Immigration department, not to mention the massive cost of housing, feeding and providing medical care.

The Canadians are discovering that when you fling open the doors of your Welfare State it doesn’t take long for the “guests” to arrive.

Can you say California?


And once they arrive you better keep providing the goods lest you be accused of – dare I say it – RACISM.

The Prime Minister would have been wise to keep his Tweets to himself because once the “Wonders of Diversity” Genie gets rubbed it don’t like gettin’ unrubbed.

America has been dealing with this problem for years now and taking jabs from other countries (and from people inside our own) decrying our “lack of compassion.” Perhaps now the Canadians are discovering what we already know.

Reality bites!


The Ghost of Albert Henkelstam by [Fountain, Jamie N]



Everybody was Cornhole Fighting…Those Hicks were Fast as Lightning…


I couldn’t watch this video without thinking of this classic song from 1974 by Carl Douglas entitled Kung Fu Fighting. Your favorite tonedeaf ThoughtMarauder has rearranged the lyrics to describe the unintentional hilarity above for your comic pleasure –

CornHole Fighting

Everybody was Cornhole fighting
Those hicks were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with sloppy timing
They were chunky Georgia men from funky Douglas County
They were chopping them up and they were chopping them down
It’s an ancient RedNeck art and everybody knew their part
From a feint into a slip
and kicking from the hip
Everybody was Cornhole fighting
Those Hicks were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with sloppy timing
There was flunky Billy Two-Chin and little Sammy Joe
He said here comes the big Hoss, let’s get it on
We took a bow and tossed that sand, started swinging with the hand
The sudden motion made me skip
now we’re into a brand knew trip
Everybody was Cornhole fighting
Those Hicks were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But they did it with sloppy timing
Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on
Everybody was Cornhole fighting
Those Hicks were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
Cornhole fighting, had to be fast as lightning


And as long as we’re on the subject of rampaging rednecks, let’s take a few minutes to reflect on the awesome firepower of The Kung-Fu Hillbilly..


Who says “Murican’s hain’t got no class..Hold my beer

Mostly what I need from you…

Democrat/Socialist/Communist Bernie Sanders


– and others of his kind – are fond of citing the successes of D/S/C policies in European nations such as Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands and Belgium as models that America should emulate in order to ensure more “equality” for all citizens – particularly as it relates to Healthcare – but tax, labor and immigration policy are in the mix too.

The thing that strikes me immediately when they cite these examples are the specific geography of these “successful” models. Why is there never a mention of the wildly successful Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, the incredible prosperity of Post-Castro Cuba and other Central and South American nations that have tried on the old Marxist/Leninist/Maoist suit? Why not a word about Cristina Kirchner’s failed Argentina, Correa’s Ecuador, Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua or El Salvador’s Ceren? Is Bernie Sanders, and those who support him, racist?


What these Democrat/Socialist/Communists proponents fail to mention – intentionally (they’re too smart to not know this) – is that these “successful” socialist European nations are able to fund their government largesse on the backs of the American taxpayer.

How so?

Because approximately 72% of the NATO military budget is paid for by the United States.

How much money is that?

How about 650 BILLION dollars!

Every year!

That’s 650 BILLION dollars not contributing to rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure (try driving the teeth-smashing pothole-dodging highway’s of my Middle American city), paying down the national debt, providing prevention and treatment for those suffering through the Opioid epidemic etc..

But, because they are relieved of the major financial responsibility of defending themselves, they can use the money America saves them by providing Healthcare for all. It is disingenuous of Senator Sanders and others to omit this when trumpeting their support for this American-subsidized Healthcare system.

One other point not mentioned is population size. Most reasonable people would admit that Government entities are not masters of process and/or project management. Government’s have no incentive to be good at it. Why should they? No one’s competing for their business. If you don’t like the way they do things, tough shit! GTFO!

These are recent population numbers (rounded) for the above referenced European nations:

The Netherlands – 17,100,00

Belgium – 11,600,000

Sweden – 10,100,000

Denmark – 5,800,000

California alone has more people than these countries combined (and look how swell things are going in that Socialist country ;-7)

Whatever “success” these countries are having with their socialized Healthcare systems is largely attributable to the small size of the bureaucracy required to run it. Can you imagine the size and ineffeciency of the bureaucracy that would be required to manage a government run America-sized Universal Healthcare system charged with satisfying the needs of over 300 million citizens.

Good grief!

I’m going to get in line at the doctors office now for the MRI scan I’m gonna need in 2024..

I don’t mind having a debate about Universal Healthcare or any other topic, but I do insist we arrive at the table armed with every ounce of relevant information available – whether it suits our agenda or not.

Honesty is mostly what we need..



For Sale: Child’s Soul Price: 30 Pieces of Silver

In the movie “Wall Street” the character Gordon Gecko offers a monologue describing the upside of greed. “Greed is Good” he said

and in many ways greed can be a force for good. When entrepreneurs, motivated by a blend of altruism and financial self-interest, create products and services needed/wanted/required by the People, everyone benefits. Throw in a little competition and it’s a win/win/win for all parties.

But, like a coin, greed has two sides.


Greed, unleashed from altruism, corrupts. Unmoored from decency – envy, lust, theft, gluttony and violence are sure to follow.

Greed, untethered, causes Moral Blindness.

Witness –


Meet Lil Tay. She is the self-proclaimed youngest “flexer” (don’t ask me what that means. I’m blissfully ignorant of the term and I’d like to remain that way) of the century. According to her..Oh wait..I’m need to rest for a minute or two to fully absorb what you just watched..what’s that? You’re feeling a little sick to your stomach? And right about now you’re asking yourself the obvious question – “Where the hell are this child’s parents?”

Great question!

The answer is, like so many other children in America, dad is out of the picture for any number of reasons.

The good news is she has a strong, independent mother. Do you know where Mom is?

She’s the one holding the video camera and encouraging her daughter to behave this way.


Greed gone bad – real, real bad.

As the father of two adult daughters my heart aches for this poor child. When I think of 9 year old girls, I picture this:


and this


and this


Color me naive..

The image that never comes to mind is one where my child is cursing, demeaning others, worshiping clothes, cars and money (the LOVE of money is the root of all evil), smoking dope, bragging about selling drugs and hanging out with rappers outside a club well past her bedtime.

As I’m sure most of you know, the more followers a person has on their Social Media accounts, the more money they make via the advertising revenue that is generated for each view. I’m no expert, but I believe a person can earn 3 or 4 cents for each “view” of their YouTube videos, Twitter accounts, Instagram etc..To date her videos and posts – set up by her mother and deposited in her mother’s bank account – have been viewed over 2 million times.

You do the math.

I wonder how comfortably her mother sleeps at night on the Gucci sheets paid for with her daughters innocence..


Childhood, once lost, is never found..


Fear Not! The ThoughtMarauder hath Returned..eth? Oh whatever..


**Special Thanks to The In and Out Club**(hehe)


Oh ye of little Faith! You thought the ThoughtMarauder, your favorite Working-Class Nero, had abandoned you and was out piddling while America burned.

Well, you were right.

It’s customary for me to take a few months off in late Winter and early Spring so that I can visit my Mediterranean estates – a mix of business and pleasure. You’ll be pleased to know that my humble cottage in the south of France is in excellent condition

French Estate

the Yacht was updated


and held up well under the superior guidance of Captain Jean-Louis Henry de Quoeif. Things were a little dicey as we neared Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

but after that it was smooth sailing all the way to my estate on the Greek Island of Oikos


The trip was fine, but as you all well know, lounging in the lap of luxury can become tiresome and dull very quickly (did I just say that?) so I raced back home as slowly as I could to pick up where I left off…



Now if I could just remember where I left off..


Putting Americans First..Finally

Welcome to Chicago, Illinois – The Sanctuary City!

Well, maybe not so much anymore, at least according to this story:

As everyone knows, Chicago leads the Nation year over year in homicides – almost exclusively of the black on black variety. Tragic, terrible and senseless.

The ThoughtMarauder has made clear in past posts, Why Illegal Immigration Sucks for America – Part 1 and Why Illegal Immigration Sucks for America – Part 2 his feelings about illegal immigration. HE OPPOSES IT. COMPLETELY!


“Because he’s a racist, xenophobic neanderthal! That’s Why!”

Oh, not so fast my myopic, knee-jerky “friend.”

The ThoughtMarauder opposes Illegal immigration because he favors Americans – white ones, black ones, asian ones, straight ones, gay ones, tall ones, short ones, progressive ones and conservative ones. All of them! Our parents and their parents and their parents and their parents etc..etc..have bled for this country, paid its taxes, built its roads – we are literally the ones who’ve made it the place that other people want to come to.

We should be proud of what we built – and we are. But there is Zero reason to allow others who wish to come here to do so ILLEGALLY. There is a process for obtaining American citizenship. All of our relatives, at one time or another, had to fill out forms, stand in lines and wait until their names were called – why didn’t the illegals in this story do the same thing?


The Look of the Dead Fish: A Nick Alwaes Detective Novel by [Fountain, Jamie N]


Anyway, this post reinforces what I’ve said before – when the illegals disappear – wages go up – ALOT.

When these 800 poorly paid illegal immigrants fled their bakery jobs because ICE


was coming, something I predicted would happen – happened.

Because of a sudden scarcity of labor, the employer was compelled by market forces to raise the previous wage of $10.00 per hour, to $14.00 per hour. Who benefited from the sudden appearance of 800 well-paying jobs? 800 predominantly black Americans in Chicago!

The ThoughtMarauder believes one of the primary reasons for the explosion of black on black violence is a lack of well-paying jobs – particularly for young men. Men need jobs to feel like men. Men need a sense of purpose. When men have good jobs it provides them a sense of self-worth like nothing else can.
Idle hands are the devils workshop. When a man is working 40 (or more) hours a week, he hardly has time for criminal foolishness.

As the economy continues to improve, I expect to see many, many more of these types of feel-good stories – along with the subsequent increase in wages that come from reductions in the illegal workforce.

America First – For Every American!


The Ghost of Albert Henkelstam by [Fountain, Jamie N]


**Originally Posted on 22 Feb 2018**